Top 5 Speed Test Checker for Website to Improve Ranking

Speeding your website is not only benefits site owner but also to all internet user. To speed up your website you need to optimize on-page SEO and opt for some good web hosting site.

As per Google algorithm and guideline, website loading speed is one of the important factor to boost your position on search engine result page.

Below are top 5 free tools that you can use to get idea about site speed and how to improve it.

  1. Pingdom

It offers cost-effective and reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your websites.

  1. GTmatrix

It gives you insight of your site loads and provides recommendations on how to optimize it.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

It analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions based on desktop and mobile to make that page faster.

  1. Web Page Test

It provides rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

  1. Page Scoring

It provides valuable information about the loading speed of website. This tool will check everything from your domain resolving speed to your download times.

We recommend you to test your website on above listed site to improve your ranking in search engines.

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