Effective ways to increase your hotel’s occupancy!

First and foremost, you must stop thinking about lowering the rates at which the rooms are given in order to increase the hotel’s occupancy. It is because it might lead to the sale of few rooms but it will rarely result in the sale of desired and expected number of rooms.

In fact, it is simple economics that lowering the rates of the rooms have never, nor will ever lead to the rise in the demand for that particular hotel’s rooms. Want to know the reason? Travelers are not interested in purchasing rates, the thing that intrigues them is the value, so in simple words do not decrease the rates rather add more value to your hotel, its room, and services.

Adding value to anything, in this particular case to the hotel, will be the key which will unlock the path to increased sales of the room. Promoting and coming up with special packages will be the right direction to take to reach the goal of achieving high room occupancy.

Packaging will allow you to mask the actual rates of the rooms with features which will provide more benefit to the customer if he or she chooses to stay at your hotel. Remember to promote your hotel packages on your official website because that will be the most ethical, effective, productive and the best hotel online marketing strategy.

Any hotelier or hotel owner must comprehend and employ tactics of revenue management, monitoring as well as adjustment of rates as per the fluctuations in current as well as future occupancy demands.

Every demand for a hotel fluctuates each and every month of the year and to know when to adjust the rates up and down is simply an act of comprehending the nature and reasons behind such demands.

For a majority of hotel managers and owners lowering the rates is the action taken by a lazy man which is the dullest form of marketing. Simply reducing the rates for everyone means turning blind to the fact that most of the people will not be looking for rooms of the hotel based on their prices because if that were to be the process of concluding which hotel to choose then a hotel with the lowest possible rate will win the race with no tough competition.

When demand of sales is not high then the hotel manager or owner must look towards adopting the value-added marketing approach so as to be able to position the hotel properly within the marketplace.

If your hotel deserves to stand on the number one position just because of its location, amenities, and facilities then ensure that the hotel is, without any compromise, positioned in that exact way.

Increase your knowledge base

Isn’t it absurd to hear the hoteliers complain about how they are behind the current trend? Especially when they can be in touch with the trend in fact even ahead of it by going through the infinite eNewsletters that are available on various virtual platform.

Stop making excuses because reading the current trends and articles on it will not take a full day, take a break of ten to fifteen minutes and read the important points.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online and subscribe to at least two or more free online newsletters. You really want your rooms to be filled and have a loyal customer base then expanding your knowledge about your competitors, their successes and failures are the only way to accomplish your aim.

Use the power of internet to your advantage

Now for a minute take a serious look at the official website of your hotel. It is because more than 70% of your hotel’s business will be indirectly and directly influenced by its appearance on the virtual platform.

Prior to hiring a new designer for your website, analyze the old one or the current one because a good and detailed analysis will give you a crystal-clear idea of what will work, what will not and what is needed to be added to the website.

If you want your hotel to appear on the first page of Google search then hiring reputable SEO services for hotels will be a brilliant idea because who is better than a professional to monitor your hotel’s website with his or her SEO for hotel skills.

Keep this in mind quality is better than quantity and just lowering the rates will not lead to higher occupancy of the hotel rooms but value, reputation, smartness, and professional skills will!

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