Why is Keyword Research so Important for Your Website?

Here is a statement from Search Engine Optimization Specialists – “The Keywords inside your website content can make or break your website”. This is no hype or hoopla, but a statement born out of experienced expertise, seeing the fate of so many websites online.

In order to understand the true meaning of this statement, you need to know more about what is meant by a Keyword. What is Keyword research? How to select and use the successful Keywords in any given website?

What is a Keyword or Key-phrase in the context of Internet Marketing?

Online visitors type a Keyword or Key-phrase in the Search Engine box, and land into the website through the web-links published by the Search Engine Index screen. Typing the right Keyword, which exactly denotes the product, merchandise, or service in the mind of the searcher, will enable them to locate the desired website instantly.

Looking from the website’s angle, the Keyword typed by the net-visitor should be exact as published on the website, to catch that web-visitor to land into their site, without fail. If there is even slight modification or deviation, the net-visitor will land into some other site. The prospective business goes down the drain thus.

See this example – a net-visitor wants to buy “cheap flight tickets to Los Angeles”. Supposing when typing the Keyword, it is somewhat broadly mentioned as “flight tickets to Los Angeles”; the visitor will get baffled by the plethora of website-links pampered on a platter by the Search Engine Index.

The search is very bold and vague and both the web-visitor and websites cannot achieve anything. If the website is capable of offering only “cheap flight tickets”, certainly all the net visitors, who type this particular Key-phrase (in connection with any flight-destination nevertheless) will get benefited by saving huge money, and the website also will get sizeable business.

It follows, therefore, a specific Keyword or Key-phrase is very important, for bringing forth web-visitors to any given website, in great volumes.

Searching for the right Keyword is vital – how?

From the foregoing, you will understand that a Keyword or Key-phrase is relevant for the web-visitor, the website and the Search Engines, to link the web-visitor to the desired website.

Therefore, if a website owner wants to achieve –

  • online success
  • crowds of web-visitors (organic that is free without paying anything)
  • great sale volume, thereby reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) and
  • A vertical and horizontal growth of the website –

They ought to ensure that apt and appropriate Keyword or Key-phrase is incorporated, in their website’s content.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool for SEO

Again take the same example of “cheap flight tickets” here. An air-ticket booking agency is cautious and careful to include the word “cheap” in front of “flight tickets”, it can divert volumes of web-visitors.

There may be hundreds of thousands of seekers of flight tickets for various flight-destinations. But the single addition of “cheap” in the content before the full Key-phrase of “cheap flight tickets” all those visitors searching for flights to Chicago; Washington; Las Vegas or Houston etc. will throng at that site, automatically.

So as far as that website is concerned, the right premium Keyword for them is “cheap flight tickets”.

What is the right strategy for selecting apt Keywords?

Well – you will be surprised to know the right Keyword selection should be done, at the very beginning of building a website. The web designers and web developers, after finishing coding, programming, breathing life to the site, implementing assorted web applications and web solutions, concentrate on setting up the right web content.

They use the best of best Content Management System (CMS) most suitable for the website’s content. It is here these professionals should step into the shoes of the web-visitor, and think from their perspective.

They should think creatively and clearly, what the prospective web-visitor would type, as the right Keyword, if they want to land on your website dealing with that product, merchandise or service they need.

Then they will analyze your field of business, market trends, and competitors’ websites and generally what “talk” is going on, among people in the Social networking platforms etc. This is to determine and arrive at the right Keyword or Key-phrase, as also Keyword strategy, which makes the web-visitor, to land into your website unfailingly.

Talking of that what is the difference from a Keyword and Key-phrase? Well – normally when people think of visiting websites online, in their uppermost mind the product or merchandise or service will be there.

Yet a major chunk of web-visitors knows that typing a single Keyword will bring forth tremendous amounts of website links, in popular Search Engines. It will be very difficult to go through them all.

So they prudently coin the Key-phrase to be typed, so that their search gets narrowed down, and becomes laser-sharp to get them the right website link. They will often time avoid typing just “flight tickets” but elongate it to “cheap flight tickets to Los Angeles”. They get what they wanted and your website pulls them like iron-pieces to the magnet, to your Air-ticket Booking Agency.

The professional SEO experts categorize the above as just “Keywords” and “Long-tail Keywords”. They assert vehemently rather than mere Keywords, Long-tail Keywords will go a long way, in getting the web-visitor exactly what they want; and also the website owners enormous “targeted web-visitors” with a specific purpose. This will avoid unnecessary aimless visitors, who are no use to the website at all.

How to search and get the most-fitting Keyword?

Every website is created by a professional team of website designers, developers and SEO Specialists working hand-in-hand, in building the website and also promoting and popularizing the same, all over the Internet Platforms. The SEO Specialists are very much conversant in the technique, as for how to make the website get high-ranking awarded by the popular Search Engines like Google.

They use sophisticated software solutions in this regard. Search Engines like Google extend a helping hand, in providing many Keyword Tools as well. Google Analytics, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, WorldTrackers Free Keyword Demand Tool and WorldTrackers Paid Keyword Research Tool etc. are some of them.

Summing up – researching for most appropriate Keyword, and incorporating them along with other auxiliary Keywords, and Key-phrases will augment qualified web-visitor traffic; get high rankings for the site in popular Search Engines; and make the website owners happily grinning, with Online Success!

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