Do Facebook Ads Really Suck for Advertisers?

Facebook Ads don’t suck. They can be great for your business but its tough to get them right. Let’s see how we can use Facebook ads for better growth.

1. Different Channels. Different Approaches.

Google is great for demand fulfillment, for example, a user on Google does search and buy. While other hand Facebook is great for demand generation something like Discovery or new product launch.

2. Why is Facebook the Bigger Opportunity?

Imagine you’ve just invented a new, revolutionary razor and want to market it. Most men use and buy razors frequently.
It’s a huge market but, how many of them actually search Google for ”shaving” or ”razor” before buying?

Not many, I’d guess! The addressable market on Google would be incredibly small! Alternately, with Facebook, you can target any man in the world older than 14. That’s a huge opportunity!

3. The Emotional State

Our rational self is like a tiny man riding an elephant. The man is sure he’s in control but when he and the elephant disagree on which way to go… guess in which direction they’ll go?

The elephant is our emotional side, our subconscious. If he can avoid it, he doesn’t like changing his habits, for example, learning how to use new products, shopping on a new website, etc.

Your design should address both the man and the elephant. Don’t limit yourself to product features. Motivate the elephant with images and copy that engage them emotionally and highlight product

4. Where should you display your ads?

  • Newsfeed: Highest CTR & Engagement Great to drive Sales & Leads Can generate additional organic results.
  • Right-Hand Column: Low performances & price Good for retargeting.
  • Mobile Newsfeed: Great for Mobile App Installs & Engagement. Tough to get website conversions.

5. Targeting Facebook Ads

  • Country: Huge price & performance differences. Never mix in same AdSet. (For same ad in one country I paid $0.01 and another country $1-$2)
  • Custom Audiences: Best targeting right now! Require a big email list.
  • Interests: Used to be the best option. Less effective due to spam & like buying. Still relevant.
  • Gender: Depending on the market, targeting just men or women can make a huge difference.
  • Behaviors: Many interesting options. Purchase behaviors is remarkably useful for eCommerce
  • Connections: Effective depending on the quality of your page’s fans. Good for generating likes and engagement.

6. Bidding Guidelines

  • Optimized CPM nowadays is usually the best choice
  • Use CPC or CPM when you’ve already know your perfect audience.
  • Don’t bid too low. You may not reach enough people and, generally, you get what you pay for.
Resource: AdEspresso by Hootsuite
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