Does Your Website Need An SEO Audit?

Your website is the window of the product and services you offer. And it must be in top-notch condition to impress your customers. If you have a highly impressive website and it is not able to reach your potential customers then all your hard work goes in vain. So, to make sure that your website is visible to your customer or clients, you must ensure that you do SEO of the website. But only doing SEO is not enough, you also need to do SEO audit frequently to ensure the good health of the website.

SEO audit is done to optimize SEO performance and also track the overall website performance. There are many professional SEO agencies that offer website SEO audit services. You can hire any SEO agencies to avail SEO audit services. Many may ask why SEO audit if you are already doing SEO for your website. Before going into detail as why you should do SEO audit, let us first learn what does SEO audit mean.

What is SEO Audit?

Website SEO audit is the examination of website’s health whether it is working smoothly and meeting the requirements of User and Search engine. SEO audit also provides an SEO score report that displays the ranking out of 100.

As the SEO changes constantly, it is necessary to frequently optimize the SEO report to ensure that the website is well ranked in the search engines.

Why is it Important to do SEO Audit?

SEO audit not only helps to improve the website ranking in the search engines but also helps you to fix several other issues. Listed here are few:

Check SEO Issues: SEO audit helps you to track any underlying issue related to SEO if any of them are there. Therefore, you can fix the issue before it becomes worst and starts affecting your website performance.

Improve SEO Score: It is very essential that your website scores well so that your website performance is well maintained. SEO audits help to improve SEO score which also affects your website performance.

Improves Search Ranking: A website must have a good ranking in the search engine list to get popularity among all. SEO audit helps you to keep an eye on the search engine ranking by providing the ranking report.

Synchronize SEO Updates: To work effectively, a website needs to have a synchronized SEO updates. And SEO update just helps the website to sync with all the SEO updates.

Website Technical Issues: A website may have hidden technical issues that can be identified through SEO audit. Some of the technical issues that can be noticed through SEO audit are page loading speed, indexing issue, server issue, analysis of Google search console data, crawl issue, Google Adsense and more.

Content Related Issues: SEO audit not only helps you to identify SEO related and technical issues but also helps you to recognize content related issues. Content duplicate issue or plagiarisms, content relevancy, keyword consistency, page length are some of the content related issue that can be addressed through SEO audit.

Website Speed Analysis: SEO audit helps you assess the speed of your website and also provides the ways to improve its speed.

Social Sharing Button Analysis: This analysis helps you to integrate social sharing buttons on your blog website so that your website gets more traffic and popularity.

Javascript Test Analysis: SEO audit helps you to so Javascript test analysis which let you know if the content of the website is visible when the Javascript is disabled.

Algorithms Changes: Search engine giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep on changing and updating the algorithms in order to provide a better search engine services. And to stay ahead of your competitor, you must be updated with the recent change in the algorithms and you also make the changes accordingly.

Webmaster’s Guidelines: Webmaster maintains the websites as a website administrator. It introduces and alters guidelines for the websites to ensure a smooth running of the websites. The most popular webmaster tools like Google and Bing constantly change the guidelines. And SEO audit helps you to update your website as per the new guidelines.

Website Errors: Website may contain error like the error message or broken links. SEO audit helps to catch these errors and improves the website traffic and search engine ranking.

Closes the Skills Gap

Sometimes there is skill gap found between the team who is running a SEO campaign and other teams like the content team. The content team may be writing good content but those content are not being used in the right way. In this situation, SEO audit may help to catch the problem and solve it.

Analysis the strength of Your Competitors: You must know the strength weakness of your competitor to stay ahead in the curve. SEO audit helps to monitor the SEO activities of your competitor and also inform you how well they are performing in the market. For instance, you will know the source of the good links from where your competitor is earning speed and traffic for their website. This further helps to incorporate the links in your website that improves the site’s performance.

Reveal the Weaknesses of your SEO Strategies: While carrying SEO audit, the main drawbacks and weaknesses of your SEO strategies will be revealed. You can then improvise effective changes in the SEO strategy to fine tune your website. Once you are aware of the loopholes in your SEO strategies, you will definitely not use the old strategies and work on to implement the more effective and new ones.

Technical Analysis: SEO audit also performs a technical analysis of your website which unveils the technical glitches of your website. It helps you to know the compatibility of your website with mobile devices, loading time and whether the interface is responsive or not.

Now that you know how much SEO audit is helpful for the effective working of your website, you must consider doing SEO audit frequently for a well maintained and successful website for your business.

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