Effective ways to increase your hotel's occupancy!

Effective ways to increase your hotel’s occupancy!

First and foremost, you must stop thinking about lowering the rates at which the rooms are given in order to increase the hotel’s occupancy. It is because it might lead to the sale of few rooms but it will rarely result in the sale of desired and expected number of rooms. In fact, it is simple economics that lowering the rates of the rooms have never, nor will ever lead to the rise in the demand for that particular hotel’s…

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How Much Should You Spend on Your Digital Budget - Brandcrafty

How Much Should You Spend on Your Digital Budget

Breaking down the world of digital marketing into tangible figures has never been an easy task. We strive to make revenue increase at a steady rate whilst acquiring new leads or generating sales. There comes a question attached to the entire world of digital marketing though. How much should you be spending on it? It’s possibly one of the things that most companies struggle to associate a cost with because most of the time they struggle to see the potential…

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