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How to Send Instant Replies to Anyone Who Messages Your Facebook Page

Sometime you missed to reply or not be able to answer your Facebook user for some reason and because of this you missed some good opportunity. With this in mind, Facebook has introduced Instant Replies function. You can send instant reply to anyone who messages your Page. Instant Replies are a good way to let people know that you’ll respond soon. In this tutorial we will show you how to enable this option step by step for your FB Page.…

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How to Use Social Media for Hotel Industry

Social media is the new pillar of search engine optimization. Each social media channel has its own features that makes it ideally suited for certain applications. Every business must ensure that, you should use each social channel based on it’s characteristics. Here, 5 lists of Social media channel and platform with there best practices: Facebook Channel Characteristics: One of the most popular social networking tool. Enables two-way conversations. Most Suitable Applications: Community building (Events, promotions, offers). Build Brand Loyalty Best Practices: Post content…

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